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Kenneth Mugabi Drops New Video ‘Embeera’ Off His Ugandan Album

‘Embeera’ which means ‘Situation’, is a classic signature Afro-soul love song shot in a typical vintage house where Mugabi was peeked sad-serenading the lady, it tells of the ups and downs lovers face in their journey and it’s built with lovely lyrics that will get stuck in your head for days.

The visual has a touching storyline about what really men go through when women they love reject their proposals. ” Rejection is one of the things that a man doesn’t want to face. When rejection comes most of us deal with it differently, Embeera visuals are aimed at showing how hard rejection can hit a man” he explained.

This song which was produced by statement music head of production Pyret Beats, is a perfect balance of soul and Afro touch sound, which the audience has now come to coin as Mugabi’s signature style. The music video toned with the magnificent montage was shot and directed by Adnan Sserunkuma ( Video by WRISTHOUSE )

Enjoy :