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Jazz Singer Absolute Tonny Shares Alluring New Song “Being Loved”, Listen To It Here

Ugandan Jazz singer, Absolute Tonny, finally drops his ‘Being Loved’ single to jazz sound enthusiasts – its a song that encapsulates the essence of love and the euphoric feeling.

Its soothing melodies are enchanting and elevate the spirit, making it a beautiful ode to the emotion of love and the people who cherish it. Built with catchy harmonies and rhythms, the song is a testament to the years of dedication that the Tonny has invested in mastering his craft, resulting in a masterpiece that delights audiences across the globe.

Produced by Hellaby Blake, Being loved draws inspiration from Tonny’s personal experiences with love and his gratitude for the blessings it has brought into his life. With its arresting environment, it transports the listener to a state of blissful serenity, where they can bask in the warmth of the song’s golden notes and immerse themselves in the beauty of love.

This song is an invitation to embrace the positive energy that love brings and to cherish it as a precious gift.

The song carries captivating guitar feel that was perfectly played by Ryan Truter, Electric bass chords done by Sean Sanby and Drums by Dane Paris

Enjoy the song here