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Bebe Cool Drops A New Single “Byowaba”, Stream It Here.

Popular Ugandan musician and member of the Gagamel crew, Bebe Cool has released a new song titled “Byowaba”

The song carries a powerful message that resonates deeply with men who have been through the agony of heartbreak in relationships. It aims to create a space for men to voice out their emotional struggles and pain that are often overlooked by society.

In an industry where male musicians are commonly blamed for inflicting emotional pain on their female counterparts, Bebe Cool has taken a bold step to switch the narrative in this song. With ‘Byowaba’, he advocates for men’s emotional rights and encourages women to give their men the time and attention they deserve.

Produced by Ronnie On this, the Rhumba inspired single is a smooth flow of Bebe’s soulful voice that carries a sense of vulnerability and honesty. It is a refreshing change from his usual upbeat tracks and showcases his versatility as an artist.

The lyrics are deep and meaningful as Bebe proven himself as not only a talented musician but also a compassionate voice for the voiceless

Stream it here: