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Crysto Panda – Tuli Mu Struggle (Prod By Nessim Pan Production)

After releasing his Ebiluma Abayaaye song that made him sit on the table of great music men, Crysto Panda has released another banger ‘Tuli Mu Struggle’

On what is supposed to be a lugaflow song, Crysto maintained his usual approach to the genre as he imitates presidential hopeful Bobi Wine and the People Power activists who are always saying that they are in the struggle.

Produced by Nessim Pan Production, Tuli Mu Struggle is a song that consists of slangs, from the People Power camp, and Bobi Wine’s words he used during his interviews. He continues to drop all lines like “why do I send you transport money and you do not come”, most of them are currently trending among Ugandans – This will push him to the top.

This comic song comes with a colorful video adorned with great dancers and perfectly directed by Grate Pest.

Enjoy this colorful visual.