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Audiomack Partners With Distrokid To Enable Direct Distribution For Independent Artistes

Audiomack has secured a partnership with DistroKid, the world’s leading distributor of independent music, paving the way for more than 2 million artists to directly distribute their music to the platform.

The pairing marks the first time Audiomack has agreed to an integrated partnership with a direct-to-artist music distributor like DistroKid.

“At Audiomack we have built a reputation as an ally to emerging music creators and superstars alike,” said Audiomack CMO and Co-Founder David Ponte in a statement about the partnership. “DistroKid releases an enormous amount of new music from emerging artists, so we’re thrilled to be able to work with them to make it easier than ever for artists to be on Audiomack and utilize powerful free tools like our creator dashboard. With this deal, we are giving even more artists the chance to be successful and discover devoted new fans on Audiomack.”

DistroKid users can now connect to their Audiomack account and have their music distributed directly to their artist profile on Audiomack with just a click of a button. If a DistroKid user doesn’t have an existing Audiomack profile, they will have the ability to create one through this integration. The option will appear as an “Extras” when uploading their latest release.

“Audiomack has become an influential platform for artists and music creators all over the world,” said DistroKid founder Philip Kaplan. “We’re excited to make it super easy for the millions of artists who rely on DistroKid to seamlessly connect with Audiomack in a powerful & convenient way.”

Stay tuned for a help guide on connecting your Audiomack account to your DistroKid account, allowing you to sync your uploads.

(Source: Audiomack)