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WATCH: Crysto panda Premieres “Ofaaki” Official Video

Media personality and singer Crysto Panda real name Herbert Kityamuweesi has finally added visuals to his Ofaaki song.

It is safe to say that Crysto Panda is one of the musicians who have demonstrated a firm hold in terms of music by serving his audience with catchy singles that sets them into frenzy.

Despite several disparaging comments from his detractors, the singer has maintained his composure, and from what is apparent, he is establishing his name in the top music ranks.

After making a mark with his, Empele, afro pop inspired single that dominated the airwaves for a while now and is still doing well, Crysto hasn’t showed any signs of giving up now as evidenced by his latest single “Ofaaki”.
Produced by Artin, in the song, Panda sings about the jealous people surrounding him and vows to turn a deaf ear to their rants.

The visuals incorporate comic dance moves and feature NTV sign language expert Susan Mujaawa who translates the song for the singer’s deaf fans.

Enjoy it here