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Judge Alex Mukulu frawns at young dancers

Social Media Blasts Yolesa Ekitone ‘Judge’ Alex Mukulu For Embarrassing Comment

Judge Alex Mukulu frawns at young dancers

Revelers on social media are not well with “yolesa ekitone” judge Alex Mukulu for a embarrassing comment on dancers.

The lengendary playwright and judge made comments on young dancers saying that they are stinking.

“You are stinking, I did not even watch your dance moves because you have a very bad odour.” He sent them off the stage.

The embarrassment also hurt all the people that watched the showing prompting them to send bad comments on him, on social media.

Singer Bruno K asked people on Facebook to look for the embarrassed dancers to let them have a chance to perform in his latest video as he promised to pay them.

“Please Facebook, help me locate these boys. They have to headline in my next video and it ain’t fo free, am paying them and I will personally make sure that nobody will ever disrespect them and demotivate them like Mr. Alex did.” He wrote.