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Shena Skies copies Winnie Nwagi’s fashion strategy

Singer and song writer, Namagembe Shena allias Shena Skies has adopted Winnie Nwagi’s stylish manners of posing naked on public social media handles which many of her fans have blasted her for, while others praised her skin and the looks.

Recently, Winnie Nwagi ganered a new contract with Swagz Avenue despite her half nude pics that viral on social media exposing her “plastic” bum dimples. Many allege that it was her constant half naked dressing and posing that paved her way for the new contract.

Its alleged that with her writings, ‘more of this’ by Rema and ‘Sunday’ by Allan Toniks, she has been ranked as one of the best writers in the industry. Skies has nowadays been posting half naked pics on her social media handles which has won her warm replies.

It is not certain of what she is up to but this is the kind of fashion sense that most artistes have dived into, the likes of Lydia Jasmine, Sheebah, Spice Diana and some others.

By Sajjabi Sadati