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As Uganda mark 58 years of independence, Martha Kay celebrates her beautiful dark skin.

Professional photographer, actress and comic star Kemigisha Kayimbwa alllias Martha Kay has praised her skin and reminded fellow dark skinned girls of the beauty they possess.
The well berry dark, beautiful and curvy girl Martha Kay said that at first she was not impressed with her nature since light skinned girls were the ones perceived as beautiful girls by the majority until one person told her of how she posses an excellent beauty despite her skin colour.

Well today, she credited her body’s nature by expressing how she is so impressed and contented with it and further, asked fellow dark skinned girls to always recall that they are beautiful.

‘I used to hate my skin complexion on because lighter skin was generally considered ‘more beautiful’ there is a guy I liked who once said to my face that ‘btw when someone looks at you for long, you’re actually kind pretty… Especially for a dark skinned girl’, I almost collapsed. But today I celebrate my dark skin. Dark skin is so generous. To you, my dark skinned sisters, I hope you know how beautiful you’re ❤️ Never doubt!!!!!’, she wrote.

She seems to have recovered from the nudity that was attached to her pics that leaked a few years ago. The taunts that she had a small sumbie came with hot stones towards her. Its alleged that Apass helped her through the trauma. No one knows how he it, whether through a romantic persuasion or a supernatural counseling session.

By Sajjabi Sadati