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MEET MARVAL BEATZ! Uganda’s Young Digital Marketer With Unique Marketing Skills

Digital marketing is no longer a niche industry. It has become an integral part of marketing activities across industries to engage prospects, drive traffic, and generate quality leads.

Brands that want to succeed in today’s fast-moving digital kingdom, need marketers with digital expertise that can ensure their products and services are noticeable online – Skilled digital marketers require knowledge and qualifications that go beyond basic marketing strategies and creativity skills and in Uganda, you can’t mention them without adding Marval Beats.

Born in Uganda, Kawempe, Nakabaale Marvin better known as Marval Beatz in the showbiz world is professional music promoter, digital marketer and audio producer who joined the marketing fraternity 3 years ago – He’s under a renowned Digital Marketing and Public Relations firm plying its trade in Uganda

Marval Beats (Photo credit: Lenz Studios)

Though renowned for his work in the digital marketing and advertising world, Before straightening the course of his journey to just digital and PR, Marval Beatz dabbled in music promotion.

Marval Beatz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Makerere Institution and a Diploma in Computer Science.

“Many musical artistes wanted to be like their international counterparts. They wanted to drop songs and monetize them. They didn’t know how to go about managing their socials, and leveraging their fame to create revenue streams off of the various music streaming platforms on the internet. That is where my solutions started gaining momentum,” recounts Marval whose dream started from a music studio, in 2017.

Marval Beatz was then, but a mere boutique agency that only he and a handful of friends knew about. “We are the undisputed kings of SEO, Website Development and Design, Google Display Network and Social Media Buy. We helped businesses and individuals amass traffic on their desired platforms and teach them how to monetize that traffic,” explains Marval Beatz – He emphasizes that taking brands and businesses to the next level has always been a passion of his, and it was he has entirely sought to do with his work. Challenges.

According to Marval Beatz, most people don’t understand how digital works.

Marval Beatz

“Most people don’t understand what they are paying for. They don’t believe in processes. They think Digital is a shelf commodity that you pay for and take home immediately which isn’t the case. They don’t understand the different steps you have to undertake for your advertisements to work. They don’t know that success in the digital realm is a combination of various factors which move and evolve by the day. If people can understand that, and the need to listen and do as told by an expert, then things would be a lot easier,” He added.

For a person who started out in a music studio in Makindye and now amongst the few Ugandans with over 140k followers on Instagram, Marval Beatz has a lot to jot down in the book as his achievements.

To his brand, he has helped many companies and artistes both in Uganda and international to reach their respective potential targets thus becoming a brand that is sought after by markets across the continent.