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Damalie Namubiru

LISTEN: Damalie – Deep Down (Prod By Brian Beats)

Damalie Namubiru

A good artist, is the one who has an ability to drop impressively beautiful melodies and Damalie is one of those few talented females that well defines that – She has good tones of charisma as heard in most of her tracks like ‘Gunuma‘, ‘Decision’ and among others.

She’s not new to the industry, she has been doing it for not so long. Her latest track is Deep Down, a love story anthem with afro zouk instrumentations where she exhibited her undoubtedly vocals and sweet melodies and it was produced by Brian Beats. Deep Down explores the unadulterated love shared between Damalie and her lover – she sings her heart out and profess love to the lover of her life, this is beautiful.

Listen to this lovely piece: