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Feffe Busi Takes Us To ‘Gulu’ On His New Freestyle Rap Piece – Listen

Ugandan lugaflow sensation, Feffe Busi, is out with a new rap single and he calls it, ‘Embozi Ye Gulu’.

In this song, Feffe Busi who has over the last years made a name for himself by doing his catchy freestyle whenever he’s given a platform to share what he’s capable of doing with the world, raps about what transpired on his journey to Gulu city together with his fellow artistes as they had gone to meet Operation Wealthy Creation (OWP) chairman, General Salim Saleh.

Just like his other hit rap songs, on this real experience freestyle piece well produced by Ian Pro, he depicts such distinctive creativity as a compliment to his rapping prowess.

Listen to it here.