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Chosen Blood fights against gender based violence

Singer Chosen Blood real name Patrick Musasizi started a campaign against Gender Based Violence(GBV) in order tho help young women survive and compete with men.

The singer started an organization called Mary-Mary Foundation to focus on women Rights and protection of young girls. He told a news outlet a few hours ago that he is financing the foundation alone and is fighting to lure other organizations into it.

“I felt the urge in me to support the cause because of what’s happening in my environment. Stories from fans, the news. If you pay attention you know its a serious issue. The primary beneficiaries are women and girls , secondary beneficiaries are men. Currently I am funding this campaign but I have mobilized partner organisations and communities to volunteer…,” he said.

He is hopeful that the campaign will attract stakeholders from all over the East Africa region.

“Currently we are focusing on the ignite campaign. However it will involve different activities like empowerment for women and girls in different parts of the country, documentary on GBV , a virtual show on GBV , skits and training for local artists to inspire them write content about GBV. we hope to widen the scope of the ignite campaign to different parts of uganda and east Africa and create more platforms for dialogue about GBV…,” he said.