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Bruno K with the performers,

‘Muwunya’ Talent Performers Helped By Bruno K

Bruno K with the performers,

Singer Bruno Kiggundu also known as Bruno K has offered support to the ghetto young talented performers who were embarrassed by judge Alex Mukulu, a few days ago, in a talent search competition called Yolesa ekitone.

The singer had tasked people on Facebook to locate the performers, promising to pay them to feature in one of his new songs.

The singer posted videos and photos with the performers as he called upon Ugandans to give them help so that they should not face another embarrassment in life.

“My Boys are finally here. Am going to be a big brother to these boys. Thank you so much uganda for the contributions towards helping the lads. lets change their lives together.” Bruno captioned the pictures.

Many other people have since given the dancing group several things including clothes, perfumes and money to help them Kickstart their life.