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Yemi Alade Sends Message To Players In A New Single

Nigerian songstress Yemi Alade is back on the space with a new single ‘Begging’.

She speaks a language of love in a different way in this Afropop tune whose saxophone sound lights up her magical voice. Her message is strategic and full of wisdom. 

On the song, she addresses a topic that many listeners can relate to. While a lot of people might claim to love you, their actions can speak otherwise.

Love has different meanings to different people but it seems a lot of people have more talk and less action. Love is an action word, so it’s important to find a love that gives in return as much as it takes. If you find love that isn’t meant for you, I’m “Begging” you to do what’s best for you and find a love that you deserve and desire,” she says. 

This theme coupled with an amazing production sends the message deep into the heart and mind. She first performed this song at a concert in Belgium two weeks ago. 

It’s her third single of the year after starting off with ‘Tell Somebody’ featuring Yaba Buluku Boys and Effyzie Music. She then released  ‘My Man’ whose music video dropped two months ago. 

Listen to the song here: –