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WATCH : Make You Mine By Kofi Jamar

Kofi Jamar

Ghanaian budding rapper Kofi Jamar is out with a new music video for his song ‘Make You Mine’.

Known for his lyrical dexterity and hard punches, Jamar has become a lover boy appealing to the ladies in a smooth way.

On this piece ,he turns on the heat a notch on an Afro-House Experimental best as He admits of a woman sweeping him of his feet, and this time he proposes his unflinching love.

Showing off on his singing skills over the heavy synth kicks and makes a great love song.

Making You Mine is track 5 off his Truth EP which has already enjoyed video treatment for songs such as Adiɛbi & Kyerɛ Me featuring S3fa.

The video has directed by Prince Dovlo displays various forms of Arts.