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Vyper Ranking Releases Another Afro Dancehall piece, ‘ SIVAWO ‘ [ LISTEN ]

You will probably be with me if i say that Bantu entertainment signed star Vyper Ranking is a complete reggae and dancehall artiste on the market . And what makes him an outstanding act is his interplay of Patwa and Luganda content to craft a masterpiece

Bantu Entertainment reggae and dancehall honcho Vyper Ranking, blesses us with another potential Afro dancehall track titled SIVAWO. Sivawo is loosely translated as ” AM NOT GOING ANY WHERE “

This is a great mid tempo track with an ultimate sound produced by Nexo Producer, is a loved oriented jam which basically talks about a man professing love for his partner. For him to bring out the concept perfectly, Vyper approached it with gentle and smooth lyrical content accompanied by his rare hard voice .

The track dropped together with its lyrics video. The clean and punchy lyric video with nothing but colorful moving text will keep you hooked on this melody as you sing along.

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