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SHE’S A REAL ROLE MODEL! Lets Celebrate Juliet Zawedde

In an era where social media is fixated on which female celebrity has beauty or even showing their backsides, whether real or fake, I have decided to put my spotlight on another female socialite and an entrepreneur who arguably has beauty that could mesmerize social media if ever she chooses to but she decided to champion a cause that is changing lives across Africa most especially Uganda (her birth country) – The woman who choose to extend a helping hand and now a role model to young girls and she’s Juliet Zawedde.

The social entrepreneur Juliet Zawedde

The US-based Ugandan entrepreneur, Juliet Zawedde embarked on changing lives through donations and sponsorships through her established a foundation Juliet Zawedde Foundation(JZF) that has in the past years managed to change lives as it donated food and money to several needy groups in several parts of the country (Uganda).

She’s a real deal! At the start of the month of May, the female entrepreneur donated over a hundred sacks of maize flour to people in Nateete, her birthplace. She also came to the aid school children who resumed studies with scholastic materials ahead of the new term that commenced today ( May 9th 2022) – An impressive feats that got her elevated to the levels of some of the most Ugandan powerful and respected women in the diaspora.

While sharing with, Juliet said that helping the needy is a debt she owes to the people who have loved, prayed and supported her in the past years.

“The people have loved me and supported me. I have to support them too and I will continue supporting them as long as I can. Its all i can do for them” She added

She has set aside $10,000 (sh35.5m) as a grant to give to other groups that are ready to join her in supporting the needy especially pregnant women.
“This money is meant to help the needy and pregnant women, so those groups that will use this money for the right cause are welcome onboard…,” she said.

Juliet who is a businesswoman, owns a company called Convenient Homecare Services in Boston, USA – Also honed her skills as a motivational speaker where she mostly speaks on fulfilling a purpose in life, entrepreneurship development, commenting on gender equality and women empowerment issues, hints on how she has set aside $10,000 (sh35.5m) grant for the local groups (NGOs) that are ready to join her in supporting the needy especially pregnant women.

Lets celebrate her, for impacting lives and communities and for bringing such hope and inspiration to the young generation. Juliet Zawedde is indeed a real role model that must be emulated and portrayed as a genuine mentor.