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Rickman Manrick and Anknown Unveil Long-Awaited Video for Heartfelt Ballad ‘Cinderella’

Rickman Manrick, one of Uganda’s popular hip hop artists, has just dropped the official music video for his collaborative piece of music, Cinderella, which features the talented singer Anknown. The song was released a month ago and has garnered significant attention from fans and good music lovers.

“Cinderella” is a romantic love dedication that expresses the singers’ deep affection for the beautiful Cinderella. The song marks the first time that Rickman Manrick and Anknown have collaborated on a song together, and their chemistry is evident throughout this.
On the song, Anknown showcases his impressive vocal range, singing almost entirely in falsetto, reminiscent of renowned artist Frank Ocean. The subtle touch of reverb adds an even sweeter tone to Anknown’s voice. In contrast, Rickman predominantly raps as he describes him beautiful woman.

For many listeners, the song has a special meaning, as the lyrics appear to be directly composed for Rickman’s girlfriend and TV personality, Sheila Gashumba. Although Sheila Gashumba is not mentioned in the song, the lyrical content seems to be dedicated to her, making the track even more special.

The official music video directed by Marvin Musoke of Swangz Avenue Films, features breathtaking natural scenes that perfectly complement the romantic and dreamy feel of the song. It also features Sheila Gashumba as the vixen, adding a personal touch to the video.

Enjoy it here: