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“He Motivated Me Do The Boom Party Concert,” Cindy Hails Hubby

Boom Party singer is all in love and romance has eaten off her tongue. Since her introduction, the singer’s tongue has been throwing ice at her hubby Prynce Joel Atiku who wedded her a few days ago.

At the mention of Joel’s name, the next in line are always heaps of praise to him. He calls him this and that. These “Romeo and Juliet” slogans are now long gone in Uganda, they will be replaced by “Cindy and Joel” soon.

Well, a few days ago, the ex-blu3 singer revealed that she was not going to do the boom party concert but her hubby Prynce Joel Atiku told her that she can do it and so she did.

“I didn’t want to do the Boom Party concert. Yes, I had the dream but did not have the right motivation for it. I did not have the heart to take on Lugogo, so I shared it with Prynce and he told me to go ahead. He was that power behind me of ‘what’s the worst that can happen’. You don’t need any promoter or artiste to support you. I am right here and I’m going to support you,”

The two took their oaths a few days ago at St Stephens Church, Kisugu and the reception took place at Extreme Adventure Park, Busiika.