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GOOD JOB! Ykee Benda Hails Cindy Sanyu

Ykee Benda ( Photo: Instagram)

Mpaka Records boss, Ykee Benda has praised Ugandan Musicians Associations President Cindy Sanyu for being assertive and working hard in bringing all artists together under the association.

Ykee Benda was appointed UMA President in mid-2020 but resigned a few months later due to attacks and intimidation from artists especially veterans in the industry.

However, when Cindy took over the office, she put up a more organized association and has been able to bring many artists together even those who had dismissed the body.

Artists like Jose Chameleone, Spice Diana, Karole Kasita, Henry Tigan among others have been attending the association’s meetings.

“Cindy is doing a good job because we wouldn’t want the mistakes done by us to be repeated by the next president. It is a very good thing that she is moving the association forward. The work she’s doing right now, is the right point she was supposed to be at.

 “We will get to a point and achieve our dream as the Ugandan entertainment industry. We shouldn’t mind so much about who is president but how far we are going. Let us look at the bigger picture,” Ykee Benda said during an interview with Spark TV.