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Tone Ku Bigambo Is Out With A Lovely Piece, ‘Sikyakwagala Nkufa’ – LISTEN

It’s true, Uganda abounds with unique talents – It’s incredible to realize the sort of talented guys out there that can produce, write, sing with angelic voices and one of the them is traitors music signed singer and songwriter Tone Ku Bigambo, with no doubt.

The gifted singer who gave us ‘Sawa Tano’ a beautiful piece of music that made it to our playlists, he’s back again with a soul with an emotional rhythm song titled ‘Sikyakwagala Nkufa’ sang in Luganda.

Sikyakwagala nkufa is a luganda slang phrase to mean I love you much. In this song, produced by Mada Chris, Tone communicates his affection for the lady of his life and uses her wonderful impression as a canvas for him to sketch a beautiful piece of art using his soul-melting lyrics.

This lovely song mastered by Diggy Baur will not leave you the same when you listen to it.

Listen to it.