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Nince Henry – Ngenda Jaali ( Official Video )

Few weeks ago, Fast lane music boss Nince Henry dropped another gratification track dubbed Ngenda Jaali something music lovers have always yearned to listen.

Arguably, this is one of those musical piece one could listen to back to back without getting enough of it, Nince delivered haunting and soothing rhythm built on with his beautiful voice that made it sound novelty.

Being one of those artistes with supernatural Ability / talent to write, arrange and compose sweet melodies , he never disappoints . On this urban zouk track with that dominating Lead guitar sound that pulls everyone into that musical spell, he floats through with a gentle sing along melody that made it so magical and sweet to ears

Nessim the producer of it, mastered the art of using simple instruments when crafting unique beats and that makes his work outstanding, and it’s the same skills he exhibited on Ngenda Jaali as it leaves every one wondering as to which planet is he from.

The music video was directed by a young Ugandan director SWAIFM and shot in a good night club with beautiful and interesting settings adorned with stunning model as he ( Nince Henry ) jiggles.

This first track with his new manager promises successful musical year 2020 a head and I urges all music lovers to keep their fingers crossed for more soothing tracks he’s to drop soon.