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Song Review: Ykee Benda & Weasel’s ‘Radio Man’ Is Whatever You Need It To Be Right Now

Last night, while online I tried to think of a bad song from these two artists, and I couldn’t come up with one, and no one else who tried to come up with one in a Twitter thread that we had. That’s because ‘Radio Man’ is a rich topic for songwriters. You can roll it out as melodramatic song or you can employ it as a heavy-handed song that was crafted to its top level by these 2 artists.

I think the new song “Radio Man,” the first-ever team-up between Ykee Benda and Goodlyfe’s Weasel, is trying to cover all these points at the same time, and miraculously, it works. When I spoke to one of both artist’s fan this morning, he said he likes the song so much that when listening “he feels like crying to the floor”. This is that, literally and figuratively. “Radio Man” is a song you can receive on whatever level suits you. If you’re going through something right now — and aren’t we all? — you might bust a smile at Ykee opening the song with his soothing voice.

Weasel comes in with his rich voice and blends it into the style that creates a huge space in the singer’s song. At this point, both artists have fairly delivered to us a great song. Weasel has always been known for having great energy on his songs, and yes, he balances it well in Radio Man. Its the most relatable of any songs they have made in the past.

This song will be huge not just because it’s 2 great stars in peak, the two of them singing it down, and because the beat and voices making you feel like dancing in the bathroom, but because it has that got the quality and is as where it should be.

Listen/Stream Radio Man Here;