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MORE THAN LOVE! UK Based Brenjeezy Releases A New Afro Pop Single (WATCH IT HERE)

Known for her unique approach to the afro inspired sound, The Uk based Ugandan female singer and song writer, Breenjezzy, has served her audience with another banger dubbed “More than love” – A fantastic follow-up to her hit single “Make Me Wanna,” and a testament to her talent as an artist

It is a delightful afro-pop tune that showcases the artist’s vocal prowess and musical prowess. Produced by Brian Beats, the song features a rich blend of African rhythms, catchy hooks, and captivating melodies that will make it an instant listeners favourite.

The track’s opening notes immediately draw you in with a pulsating beat that sets the tone for the rest of the song. Brenjeezy’s silky-smooth vocals glide effortlessly over the infectious rhythm, with her impressive vocal range and control shining through every note.

The lyrics to the song are a celebration of love and the joy that comes with it.
It express the depth of emotions she feels for her lover, describing how he bring out the best in her and make her feel complete. Its a boppy tune and listeners can’t help but be swept away by the song’s groove.

The production quality of “More than Love” is top-notch, with Brian Beats masterfully blending traditional African beats with contemporary sounds to create a unique and infectious sound that is sure to get people dancing. The song’s catchy hooks and infectious rhythms make it an instant earworm, and

With its infectious beats, catchy hooks, and heartfelt lyrics, this song is will surely become a fan favorite and a staple in any afro-pop playlist

The song was delivered with its official music video that was perfectly shoot by budding music video director, Director ClarqNwaya.

Enjoy it here: