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IT’S HERE! Omziki Distribution Partners With Audiomack To Enable Direct Distribution.

Audiomack has announced a partnership with Omziki, which will enable independent artists to directly distribute their music to Audiomack’s platform. This move is set to make it easier for millions of artists who rely on Omziki to seamlessly connect with Audiomack in a powerful and convenient way.

Through this partnership, independent artists who use Omziki will have the opportunity to access Audiomack’s vast audience and distribution network, which includes over 5 million monthly active users across the globe. This will allow artists to share their music with a wider audience and build their fanbase, all while retaining control over their creative content and intellectual property.

The integration of Omziki’s technology into Audiomack’s platform will also streamline the distribution process for independent artists, making it faster and more efficient. This means that artists will be able to focus more on their creative process and less on the logistics of distribution.

Both Audiomack and Omziki are committed to empowering independent artists and supporting their artistic vision. This partnership is a testament to their shared goal of creating a more inclusive and accessible music industry, where artists of all backgrounds have the opportunity to succeed on their own terms.